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Hall Dairy Service and Incoporate Over 50 Years of Combined Experience, Specializing in Dairy Livestock Cooling and Associated Control and Environmental Conditioning Systems.

Research has shown that heat stress on lactating cows reduces productions by up to 50 percent. Heat stess can also lower the successful insemination rate to only 10 to 20 percent. Adding a cooling system to your dairy can increase your production and successful insemination rate.The system will pay for itself in very little time.

But not only lactating cows need to be cooled. New research has shown that both calves and dry cows benefit from cooling. Heat stress in calves can result in less feed intake and so less nutrients are consumed and devoted to growth. Heat stress can also result in rapid dehydration in calves and a weakened immune system. Research done by the University of Florida indicates that vulnerable developing heifer calves inside of heat stressed dams were 4.1x more likely to be delivered stillborn, 10 lbs lighter at birth, lower weaning weight and more likely to be culled because of immunity and derformities. The heat stressed cow would also produce less, on average, than the cooled cow. In addition, to immediate loss in milk production from the dam, her heifer produces less too, two years later*.

We can help you reduce heat stress on your cows, heifers and calves, resulting in better milk production and successful births. Don't let the long term effects of heat stress hurt your herd.

*David Burton, University of Missouri Extension: Dairy World Magazine, July 2017

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